Good product also requires the user to know how to handle and clean after use. You have bought a large capacity blender as you like, but how to use the product to long-lasting and beautiful product may not know you.

Understand the technical design of a large capacity blender
Nowadays, Shika Japan shavers are the most popular. Dedicated machines have a capacity of 2000 – 3000W which means the machine can grind any kind of food as you desire. The machine has undergone rigorous research and censorship so every product is good and effective.

When buying a blender you may be afraid of why the industrial blender series costs more than 2-3 times the normal product. The main reason is the machine can be pressed fruit, vitamins and also easily help you to grind soybeans, green beans, red beans in different modes, you can either grind dry or wet form very interesting position. If you want to make a weight loss powder or skin care mask, use a machine to grind soybeans, green beans and lime, green tea will help smooth and white skin.
When to buy a large capacity blender
The most popular products are those who trade in food or drinks. Whether you are grinding fruit or fish, it does not take 2 minutes to make your favorite dish or good dessert.

The user uses a powerful blender machine with a dual blade system made of ultra-tough carbon steel that does not scratch and sharpen, the ABS case is a super-fine material can good impact resistance due to shell thickness up to 3.5 millimeters at the same time volume up to 3.6 liters.

The lid is made of rubber materials that are good for the environment, which does not affect the health of the machine. The machine also has a rubberized mixing bar that will allow you to stir the food when you cook the food.

How to use a versatile multipurpose blender
You can easily see the control panel of the machine include the switch-off and various buttons to adjust the impact of the machine. The machine is compact and simple to just twist, you can select the mode to use a simple. Each speed is different.

Underneath the base of the fan has heat dissipation so you can use the machine without worrying about the power failure, the role will break automatically to help increase the life of the machine.
Foods you can put into a powerful multi-functional blender such as:
The fruits and vegetables
Grind green beans, red beans, grains as well as beans you like
DIY milk, whole milk soy milk need to be filtered through but can use all the fiber to help the body to improve health.