Switzerland is world renowned as the king of technology products, and in addition to the watch has become a global brand, the country is also known for high-end machine technology, especially is in the kitchen area.

Franke is one of the most prominent names in the Swiss kitchen appliance industry as well as around the world. With more than 100 years of history, Franke brings consumers not only top-notch kitchen appliances, but also inspires cooking as well as sublimates the emotions of users when using the my product.

With a range of solutions from the kitchen, vacuum, oven, microwave to the sink, wash … Franke always pay special attention to the material and meticulous in each design to bring great value. most for the user.

Dudoff Vietnam, the exclusive distributor of the Franke brand in Vietnam has officially brought this brand closer to consumers, now own a dream kitchen is no longer a thing. too far away.

In Vietnam, Franke officially distributes 3 product lines including 2 high-end Frames By Franke – collections of equipment with color and material synchronized with 2 trendy Champage colors and black mysterious; Crystal – with a combination of stainless steel and black and white glass to bring unique personality. With the Smart collection of mid-range products, it’s easy to work together to create a fresh and modern kitchen space.

If Franke’s two high-end collections focus on color and texture synchronicity as well as superiority, the other focuses on mix-and-match freedom.

With its eye-catching design, sophisticated lines and international quality, it is certified by the prestigious certification bodies as well as leading European design awards. Franke is proud to be the leading name in complying with the kitchen of millions of families around the world.

This September, Franke sent a thank-you note to customers with a special gift program called “Wonderful Kitchen” when customers purchase a bill with a total value of 70 million * will be donated directly to Dr. Green’s pot. Risolì brand value 15 million, when customers buy any wash basin Frames By Franke or Crystal will be offered with accessories pots include multi-purpose rack, stainless steel basket, glass … in addition to 10 % for BST Smart products.

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