Beside the sink, the dishwasher is the most frequently used appliance in the best kitchen faucet. If you are familiar with the use of a faucet for cooking activities such as washing dishes, washing vegetables, washing fruits, preparing food, washing your hands … it would be inconvenient to suddenly wash your house Malfunctions cause damage to the device and can not be used. Faucets have a very important task, but some people do not realize that there is a real need to invest in a dishwasher product that will last a lifetime.

Like the wash basin, there are many types of tap water in the market, the price is also very diverse, origin of products are also from the country to import, so what is the product you are looking for, the What criteria to evaluate the good type of spout … please refer to the article below to easily choose a dishwasher you like.

What types of spouts do you have?

In the past, the dishwasher had quite a few options, either plastic or stainless steel, with a simple flush type, now the dishwasher has more options in terms of composition, plus features. Customers are more comfortable buying. You can sort the dishwashers by the following groups (maybe your product will belong to more than one group below).

1. Hot and cold tap faucet

Hot and cold water dispenser faucets are made of stainless steel to withstand the effect of temperature. At present, the family can use the hot or cold water source for quicker cooking or for washing and rinsing dishes to remove the bacteria better, so the type of faucet Hot plates are very popular. The cost of hot and cold washer fluctuations is quite large, cheap only a few hundred thousand, but there are imported products of large brands can be up to several tens of millions.

2. Water faucet faucet

The three-way foreign hot water faucet will have an additional water filter, which replaces the water filter to save space for families with small best kitchen faucet.
The price of this hose is usually from 2-3 million a product.

3. Plastic faucet

Plastic lavatory faucets are considered the least expensive of all types of faucets, with hard plastic, which has only a flush function. Plastic material is poor so the life of this type of hose is not high, so on the market is very common this type of hose.

4. Stainless steel faucet
Stainless steel faucets are usually divided into different types depending on the stainless steel. Costs of each type will also vary. Because stainless steel is quite durable material and easy to shape so this type of faucet is very popular on the market today.

5. Wall faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are usually made of stainless steel and have parts for wall mounting to suit the best kitchen faucet design or for the dishwasher design. Faucet turntable Booster faucets are additional taps for adjusting the water pressure to clean dishes faster. This type of faucet only works with moderately weak water, and when the water pressure is too weak, the tap can not function optimally.

What is the cheapest faucet cost?

As noted above, the prices of dishwashers are varied, ranging from one hundred to several million dong, even several tens of million dong. However, do not because cheap hamburgers cheap but buy yourself a product of poor quality. You should pay attention to the use of tap water as well as material, brand, warranty … to choose the right type of faucet, avoid the case because of cheap products that are poor quality, easy to damage in the process of use. .

Which of the following brands do you own?

There are a number of brands in the market that offer a range of dishwashers, from small, unmarked manufacturers to long established, reputable, and reputable brands. One of the most famous domestic brands with Son Ha’s stainless steel washbasins is the famous steelmaking company, as it is a famous steelmaking corporation in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing of electric motors. high quality stainless steel hoses or long-standing brands in the world such as Inax, Dudoff London, Franke, Toto, Hafele …

1. Inax sanitary faucet

Inax is the leading sanitary ware brand in Japan, which is highly regarded and trusted in Vietnam. Inax sanitary wares are mostly made in Vietnam under Japanese production line. The product is relatively soft from 648,000 – 3 million for conventional hose products, 7 – 8 million for hose products. The material is mainly chrome-plated copper durability. Some models of inax brand Inax, such as: Inax JF-AB466SYX, SFV-2011SM, SFV-302S, SFV-29, SFV-1013SX, SFV-30S, SFV-112S, SFV-801S, …

2. Toto bowl faucet

Toto is a premium sanitaryware brand from Japan, but Toto is higher in price compared to Inax. Toto’s hob products are usually made of chrome-plated brass. Simplicity, elegance, ease of operation, and excellent durability are all important factors that make up Toto’s signature product.

Some models of Toto brand of tap water such as: TX608BNBR, TKF51PN, TKGG32EB1, TTKC301F, TKN34PBN, TS124B13, TX604KDN, … Toto’s range of dishwashers is divided into 2 segments from 1 million to 4 million, and from 10 million to 22 million.

3. Son Ha wash faucet

Son Ha is the first customer to think of when buying domestic tap water, with many years of experience in the industry, Son Ha Group products are highly evaluated in terms of quality, reasonable price and Variety of designs. Some samples of the model of the washroom of Son Ha brand such as LOURICK 3222, BCVD 6001, BANCOOT BC5002M, DN01, DN04, BC6003, BC11A, BS5001, BC8001, … Prices range from 300 thousand to 3 million VND. At a relatively soft price, this is a worthwhile brand of common families.

4. Hafele faucet

Hafele faucets are highly rated for quality, the product is focused on the middle and high end segment, highlighted by the product line of chromium-plated chrome washbasins to increase the novelty and color for the product. Products. The Hafele range of dishwashers is quite versatile in terms of style, hot and cold, nozzles can last … Prices range from $ 2 million to $ 12 million, depending on model and origin. At Hafele there are products from Vietnam, China, Italy and Germany, so if you want to buy a type of imported high-grade washing machine please pay attention to the origin!

Some models of Hafele washing machines: ANTONIO, DIEGO, HF-C201L, HF-C240V, HF-GC301, HF-GI501, HF-GM401, LUCA, …

5. Franke sink faucet

Leading the way in the best kitchen faucet equipment sector, especially in the field of tubular production, Franke’s stainless steel dishwashing machines have always made a special mark on consumers by their designs and materials. , Exceptional Features.

Focusing on the premium segment with an average price of $ 20 million – 40 million, Franke’s stainless steel faucet showcases its strengths and strengths in every design, sophistication, sharpness. in every small detail of the Swiss faucet products that can not be confused with any products that are on the market. In addition, Franke has also launched a range of low profile stainless steel tubing with chromium plated brass or chrome plated brass for a more affordable price of $ 5 million to $ 10 million. Some models of Franke brand of washcans such as CT 304C, CT 105S, CT 193S, CT 591C, CT 992C, CT 131S, CT 191S, CT 194S, FS SL SW STEEL, SWIVEL SPOUT, FS SL SP STEEL, PULL OUT NOZZLE, …

Faucet Dudoff London

With the luxury of producing high-end European-style noble appliances, Dudoff London’s hose products focus on the premium segment with premium gold-plated, high-grade Platinum plating. the price from 40-95 million, the brand also has some faucet samples with more competitive price from 2 million – 12 million to increase the choice for customers. Dudoff London products are highly valued in terms of quality and design, imported 100% from Germany, Italy or Turkey.

Some models of Dudoff London washing machines: SWAN TOP 527, SWAN 600, SWAN 515, SLIM FC-A01, SLIM FC-A05, ROSE, RONDO FC-A06, PLATIUM HOLLY, LENTO FC-A04, FORTER FS A01, BORA FC-A02, …

7. Malloca sanitary faucet

Malloca is one of the branded best kitchen faucet appliances in Vietnam registered trademark in Spain, Malloca’s dishwashing products are quite diverse in design, the price of products ranges from 2 million – 8 million, mainly focus on the price of 2-3 million dong for stainless steel spout products, the products of this brand are mostly made in China factory.

Some samples of the model of the washroom of the brand MALLOCA such as MF-073, MF-040, MF-062, K120N, K120, K129T, K119T1, K186, K289C, K151T, K121N, K119T3, K140, K119T4, K119-N9, …

8. Teka Tap Faucet
Teka wash faucets imported from Europe with the price from 2 million to 10 million. There are many options for customers such as hot and cold water, tap water 180 degrees, can move the hose … Some models of TEKA brand washer are: MC 10 PLUS, AUK 913, FORMENTERA 997, ARK 939, ARK 938, VTK 938, MT EXTRAIBLE, KOBE, CUADRO, MB2, MY 202, INX 914, MF2, …

9. Faucet Wash Gorlde

This is a product originated from Taiwan, the samples of Gorde washdowns are quite good, the cheek model is quite cheap with only 1-2 million. Some models of Goursee brand washing hobs: 7047, 7065, 7192, 7188, GD 8538, 8537, 1170, 0506, 0505, 1171, 8157, 7189, …

10. Viglacera faucet

Viglacera sanitary faucets made in Vietnam on the modern line from Italy, mainly the hose copper chromium plated material. Beside the taps, Viglacera also has a wall hose. Viglacera VG-715, VG-713, VG-718, VSD-7011, VSD-702M, VSD-7031, VG-725, VG- 726, VSD-705, VSD-702, …