According to some of our statistics as well as customer reviews on some of the most beautiful taps in 2018, below is a list for your reference:

1. Franke faucet – PULL OUT NOZZLE / BLACK GLASS (Switzerland)

The PULL OUT NOZZLE / BLACK GLASS faucet is a product of Franke’s 100% Swiss Crystal collection, in contemporary European style, combining curves and cubes. , between stainless steel and glass material black or white to create a distinctive beauty for the kitchen space.

Cable gland is white, rotating, two hot water and two water regulation mode to help users easily move and adjust the hose suitable for different purposes. With more than 100 years of serving the global kitchen market, Franke is proud to be the brand that offers kitchen solutions to assist you with ideas for a perfect kitchen space.

2. Dudoff London – Platinum Camella faucet (Germany)

Dudoff London is committed to maintaining a pioneering position in technology as well as product design and manufacturing processes. The diversity in the product, constantly set new standards for design, manufacturing and improvement. Platinum Camella Lavatory faucet brand Dudoff London with 2 hot and cold water for the user. Sophisticated design and elegance bring class of a top product.

Platinum plated hose with modern technology to give the product a perfect shine. The two-mode water-in-a-zipper combination allows users to easily move the nozzle with wider spacing. Exclusive product made in Germany according to Dudoff London standards.

3. Teka MF2 faucet (Spain)

Direct import from Europe, Teka MF2 dishwasher is made of chrome-plated stainless steel, not fingerprint. In particular, the hose can be rotated easily for use.

4. Hafele Faucet HF-GC301 (Italy)

Hafele HFGC301 faucet is made in Italy according to Hafele standards, with copper alloy chromium plated at the nozzle can be stretched easily move. Granite black molded body creates new luxury feeling for the product. The faucet has 3 water lines and 2 hot water supply facilities.

5. Malloca Stainless Steel Faucet – K131 BH

Semi-crafted with 304 stainless steel, durable, easy to clean and highly resistant to oxidation, safe to wash, K131 BH model has 2 hot and cold water systems convenient for use. .

6. Inax SFV-1013SX Faucet Heater (Inax Viet Nam)

With simple design, two hot water, made in Vietnam on the line of technology in Japan, Inax hose is a good choice for families. Outstanding L-shaped design, bringing modern and luxurious features to the kitchen space.

7. Bosch Shower Faucet Ale-009

Ale-009 washing imported imported complete from Italy with modern design, 360 degrees swivel hose operation. Built-in chrome-plated brass faucet, two hot and cold water sources better serve the needs, especially the nozzle that extends out of need, enhances range and facilitates relocation. far to wash food.

8. Taka TK-V04 wash faucet

Taka TK-V04 wash faucet made in Vietnam is the choice for families who spend not too much on faucet products but still maintain the quality and design is quite good. Three-layer, chrome-plated anti-cracking design in high water pressure. Simple, easy-to-use design faucet with 2 hot and cold water modes.

9. Faster washers FS-05SS

Faster FSaster FSSS Faster Made in Malaysia, with durable stainless steel 304, no rust during use, 2 hot and cold water faucets for the needs of the indigenous people. support. Compact design, suitable for modern kitchen space.

10. Giovani GF 102DS faucet

The Giovani GF 102DS faucet is manufactured in Italy’s advanced production line, with nickel-plated and chromium-plated brass body ferrules and chrome plated for durability, durability and anti-rust properties. Modern design, suitable for various kitchen spaces.

So, through the information we synthesize above, you must have a comprehensive view to choose a good brand, choose the right type of dishwasher you want. If you have any questions during the inquiry, you can call the 1900 0017 switchboard for more specific advice from Franke Customer Service. Also refer to the high-quality washing hose models