Famous for its tub and accessories products, Franke is perhaps the hottest name that any European person has ever heard. Because of its brand history over 100 years and the coverage of Franke branded products spreading out of five-star hotels with classier coffees, or Franke’s food chain in chain stores MC Donald’s, Burger King, to kitchen appliances that are being used by millions of families every day. So who has ever wondered what makes this class of top Swiss brands? Let us explain why the name Franke is so influential globally.

More than 100 years of history

Started in 1911 with a starting point as a sheet metal manufacturer in Rorschach – Switzerland by Hermann Franke. It was not until the early 1930s that Franke officially expanded into the kitchen equipment market by producing the first stainless steel sinks.

Continuous development and diversification of products. From the first factory with just 10 workers in Aarburg, Franke made a big push by continuously developing its production scale and sales. After more than 100 years, the Franke Group now has 66 subsidiaries with approximately 9,000 employees in 40 countries around the world and is proud to be the world’s largest sink maker. In addition to the tubeless products, Franke is also known for its smart kitchen appliances such as the hood, oven, stove or coffee machine.

The core values ​​make a difference

After years of business in the kitchen equipment industry, especially in the field of pots. Franke quickly noticed the interplay between brands, which prompted Franke’s design team to find a way to make a difference. The goal is to completely change the look of the customer about their kitchen and create exciting moments in the kitchen of every family. Franke constantly improves product quality as well as focus on the sophistication of each design to create beautiful sinks for the family.

If you own one of Franke’s products, you can fully trust that product because it is the value of a long history and excellence in design. product.

Do not stop innovating

With the brief statement “Make It Wonderful”, the values ​​that this Swiss brand is striving to bring to life are reflected in the innovation in each product, design and service. This is the clear evidence of the company’s continuous change over the past century. Focusing on the moments and emotions of consumers at the kitchen every time, Franke products create excitement, wonders that make you more sublime in the kitchen of your family. What not every kitchen appliance maker can do.