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Stark The Iron King Shirt

Stark The Iron King

In 960, Tong Dynasty reunited Trung Nguyen. But not long ago, the barbarians around strengthened, oppressing the gods and the gods. At that time, remarkably strong barbarians were: Dai Ha, Lieu (meaning Iron), Kim (meaning Gold) and Tay Lieu. Stark The Iron King Shirt . In the 10th century, a small country of the Western people, exactly the Poba of the Tibetan clan in the northeastern region of Tibet, flourished, taking the title of West Ha. In 982, the Underworld public Ly Ky Thien opened the realm to Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi now, changing the name of the country to Dai Ha, the capital city in Hazhou, which is now called Ngan Xuyen (the capital of the “district”). Autonomous ”Ninh Ha today). Dai Ha water is located in the south of the region of the Mongols. The country has about five million people, producing beautiful fabrics and silk. The King of Xia had troops stationed in oases, greenery, fresh water between the desert of vast arid on the Silk Road, taxing trade delegations. It is an important resource of this country.

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