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Hot Rod Knowledge Poster

Hot Rod Knowledge Poster


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The main motive in Gia Khanh’s time was to ban opium by “damaging the character, harming life”, while the loss of money due to smuggling was secondary. Early Dao Dao for two things are important; the way of coping is not to prevent foreign sources, to suppress the ban on domestic consumption, the results are invalid. The larger the source, the greater the consumption, the higher the price shortage, the more difficult the national livelihood will be, the more corrupt customs will be; “On top of that, the officials of the body of officers; under labor, love, and children, I insist; until women, monks, nuns, monks, all smoked opium. “Hot Rod Knowledge Poster. ” Once crushed, an hour can’t be quit, middle-class families often go bankrupt; this smoke is disturbing hundreds of circuits, leading to illness, long ago, great morale, incurable.

Hot Rod Knowledge Poster - 24x36 ”The ban was passed by officials, but the martial arts officials on and below were not smokers, The governor and the governor were almost half crushed, Vuong Cong Dai the god did not lack “maybe we would take the stone to crush our feet

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