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[LIMITED] Flamingo will remove for wine mask face

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Flamingo will remove for wine mask face

Sarah ( A.K.A. ChaotiKween) – introduced in Flamingo will remove for wine mask face the second episode of Chaotic when she saves Tom’s butt when he is tricked into going to lake Ken-I-Po in Perim. Mainly a Danian player, Sarah is the smart, feisty female of the group with intentions of speaking her mind. A fearless and shrewd Chaotic player, she is often in situations of stumbling into a fight with the boys and/or the other Players. On a few occasions, Sarah is shown to have enough courage when confronting a Creature who gets her angry and is often at the event of leading Tom, Peyton or Kaz to drag her out of danger. She is also known to be a hardcore Scanner, she will camp out for weeks just to get a rare scan. She is also very protective of the boys and is willing do anything to help them. Sarah is shown to have a close relationship with Tom. This is likely due to the fact that she was the first person he met in Perim and her introductory into the main character group.


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