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Limited edition cozy reading time all over printed tote bag

Limited edition cozy reading time all over printed tote bag

cozy reading time all over printed tote bag 1

cozy reading time all over printed tote bag
no-brainer on what is the better outcome for the environment and both Cornell U. environmentalists and a large WHO panel of experts make the same suggestion, Less beef, more beans by encouraging a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet at Cornell and the WHO recommends a no-meat and no-dairy, plant-based diet. So compare 1.5 pounds of beans and grains for 1 person to 60 lbs of cropped forage for the grass fed animal that will give only 60-70% of its weight in calories to humans. The point is they can feed a lot of people in a tiny space, without any herbicides, pesticides and poop run off and less acreage to grow green beans, edamame and sweet potatoes rather than beef. Where I live, it takes 60lbs of forage crop per day Per Cow from the months of November through May before grazing grass and alfalfa can be used to feed them, with two years to mature and 40% of body mass wasted-not eaten. Actually, this farm is saving a ton of space, and not displacing habitat like the GF farmers in area. All of their food goes to feeding humans who only need four pounds of food daily. I see where my soybeans, and vegetables our grown. Most of it comes from a valley organic farm, sustainable for over 20 years, without displacing habitat for anyone. Have raised GF cattle, when it was the norm, have neighbors who raised both types, raised crops and have worked in a meat packing plant, and am fairly well read on the topic.

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