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No Justice No Peace Black Lives Matter mask

No Justice No Peace Black Lives Matter mask

No Justice No Peace Black Lives Matter mask

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when i say that all lives matter i am trying to be the change that is needed to let everyone know that i am willing to speak up when i see stuff like this go down and had people stood up and not just videoed the incident george maybe here today but no one said anything to the cops they all just watched and thats what i think no one is truly understanding i want to be the change that helps EVERYONE but i cant do it alone and we cant just record we have to say something but since i was not there at the scene to say something that others who were could have i am saying it now we need to be the change not vote people in or out we need to go to our representatives and tell them no matter what side of the isle they sit we need major change

Why oh why do some people feel they have to put nationally in? Why can’t it just be people? We are all people no color/ nationality needs to be included.

I see all the protests happening and I wish my people were the same to ask for justice my cousin son was murder cold blood but no one is asking questions or taking the streets to protest the death of a young boy that didn’t deserve to go like this please if you can in any way help his family he was murder and thrown outside the city by a river in Stockton CA