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The Conspiracy Club shirt, hoodie, tank top

The Conspiracy Club shirt, hoodie, tank top

The Conspiracy Club shirt, hoodie, tank top

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All I’m going to say here is what I’ve been saying: This is NOT the flu, and I 100% know I don’t want to catch this thing. Endothelial inflammation is not on my bucket list, and I have a hard enough time paying for medical care without having lifelong issues caused by permanent damage to all of my internal organs from COVID. Do. Not. Want. Ever.

My ass is staying masked/gloved/quarantined until there is a vaccine that is proven to be safe. I know we are all going to die eventually, but I want a decent quality of life for as long as we are here. I can’t fight back against the zombie apocalypse if my posse and I are suffering from organ damage.

We stocked up on cases of cat food. The kitties should be fine while we’re out running from zombies  I was kind enough to get pull tabs, and Keiko is strong enough to open them, with a little bit of training.

Well, it seems to kill more men than women. I think you’re right. We should let it run its course. “Several studies have shown that more men are dying from COVID-19 than women. Experts say part of the reason is women tend to have stronger immune systems than men. They add that men also tend to engage in more risky behavior such as ignoring physical distancing, and they don’t take symptoms as seriously.”